Adorn Yourself: Nickel & Suede

Nickel & Suede Hammered Gold Aster Hoop Leather Earrings

I blame my mother for my love of jewelry. At 18 months old she took me to have my ears pieced. She said I cried for about 10 seconds and then looked in the mirror, saw the shiny studs in my ears, and I was “all smiles.” I’ve loved jewelry ever since. Choosing what jewelry I will adorn myself with has become a sort of morning ritual. At home, throughout the pandemic, I have looked forward to deciding what jewelry I will wear for the day~with my lounge wear. There is just something about putting on jewelry that instantly lifts my mood.

A few years ago, I thought I was going to have to give up my love of large, statement earrings because my little baby earring holes had been so stretched over the many years of big earring wearing. However, a Missouri, woman-owned business I discovered, and now LOVE, brought my large earring groove back. The following is a little about the owner directly from the Nickel & Suede website:

Everything I have received from Nickel & Suede, down to the detail of packaging, has been perfection. The earrings are truly feather weight and beautiful! I follow Kilee on instragram and have learned that beyond her being a highly successful business woman who now owns three store fronts (K.C. Plaza, Liberty, MO, & Dallas, TX) in addition to her online business, she is also a mother of 5 boys. This is the type of woman and business I want to support! I have always ordered Nickel & Suede earrings online, but I plan to visit the KC Plaza store with a friend or two as soon as this darn pandemic is under control! Let me know if you’d like to join.

Today, I wanted to share about this woman-owned business and some of my favorite Nickel & Suede earrings:

Nickel & Suede Silver Leaf Leather Earrings

The Silver Leaf Leather Earrings were the first pair of Nickel & Suede earrings I purchased years ago. I remember being SO excited to be able to wear big earrings again. And, while I love a big earring, I went for a size Medium in these, as they are quite the statement.

Nickel & Suede Cork Leather Earrings

When I saw the same shape earrings in cork, I couldn’t resist those either. Size Medium, and oh so unique!

Nickel & Suede Silver Leaf Nova Leather Earrings

The Silver Leaf Nova Leather Earrings are some of my favorite to wear during the warmer months with a simple, summery, black dress. If you throw on these babies with some cute sandals and a bag, you are ready to go!

Nickel & Suede Superstar Hoop Silver Leaf Leather Earrings

The Superstar Hoop Silver Leaf Leather earrings are probably one of my favorites, and they will always be remembered as my pandemic earrings. At the start of the stay at home order, I purchased these online and wore them almost daily. The sparked a little bit of joy each time I put them on!

Nickel & Suede Hammered Gold Aster Crescent Hoop Leather Earrings

These are the beauties I received in the mail last night, and they are what sparked my inspiration for this blog post. (I love to share what I love.) Are they not absolutely divine? For many years, I was a solely silver jewelry wearing girl; however, during the pandemic I found myself reaching for some old, gold jewelry, and I decided I now liked wearing it again, too. These are the perfect gold, statement earrings. You can bet I’ll be will be wearing them all weekend at home!

***I am not sponsored by or affiliated with Nickel & Suede, but I wish I was! You can find all these earrings and so many more on the website: Adorn yourself.

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