Meditation to Check-in Within

How often do you check-in with yourself? Do you allow yourself a few minutes regularly to take the time to pay attention and notice how you actually feel? Or, do you move through your life on autopilot ignoring your own feelings and needs until you crash? In this short meditation I will guide you to check in with all parts of yourself~mentally, physically, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually. Give yourself this gift. Honor all parts of yourself and ALL of your feelings.

Morning Gratitude Meditation

I have always felt that mornings are a sacred time. There is just something about waking up to the early morning stillness and recognizing all the potential of the full day ahead. For as long as I can remember, I have always been a morning person. It’s the time of the day when I generally feel my best, most creative, and energetic. I remember when I was younger I used to say if parties were in the morning, I’d be the life of the party, but alas, most parties begin about the time I’m ready for bed.

Over the years I’ve seen more and more people share information about morning rituals. I, personally, don’t have one way I always spend my mornings. I do, however, try to take some time to do something meaningful in the mornings before I have to start getting ready for my work day. Sometimes I have a hot cup of decaf coffee with my husband on our back porch, sometimes I move my body, sometimes I take the pups on a walk, sometimes I write in my journal, sometimes I read, sometimes I meditate and pray.

There is something magical about starting the morning with a meditation. Simply taking five or ten minutes to sit can really shift the energy you bring with you into your day. So, I’ve created a short guided morning gratitude meditation for you. Give it a try. Really. How about tomorrow morning? Or maybe you want to start your work week with it? Right now decide when you will start your day in this way. Commit. And, then do it. (Lately I’ve become more and more aware of the simple key to creating change in life: 1. Decide 2. Do it.) Will you join me?