On Becoming Untamed

I am a tamed woman. For most of my life I would have held that declaration up with a badge of honor. Because tame women are well liked. Tame women are successful. Tame women do the “right” thing. Tame women smile. Tame women follow the rules and never make waves. I am Leslie Kersha. I am Tame.

After being sent home from school in March due to the pandemic, I knew I needed a good book, and I wanted to support a local bookstore, so I called Skylark Bookshop and placed my order. I’d already listened to many podcasts and interviews with the author, Glennon Doyle, about the her book, Untamed, and after listening to so many, a part of me wasn’t sure what additional information this book would have to offer me. I was wrong.

I LOVE this book, and six months later, I am only half way through reading it.

Why? Because this book makes me uncomfortable. This book holds a mirror up to my face and makes my eyes avert it. This book feels like hot coals in my hands with each page I turn creating the potential for a fire so hot I just might burn my nice comfortable life right up with it.

From, the author Glennon Doyle, herself: “I burned the memo that defined selflessness as the pinnacle of womanhood, but first I forgave myself for believing that lie for so long. I had abandoned myself out of love. They’d convinced me that the best way for a woman to love her partner, family, and community was to lose herself in service to them. In my desire to be of service, I did myself and the world a great disservice. I’ve seen what happens out in the world and inside our relationships when women stay numb, obedient, quiet, and small. Selfless women make for an efficient society but not a beautiful, true, or just one. When women lose themselves, the world loses its way. We do not need more selfless women. What we need right now is more women who have detoxed themselves so completely from the world’s expectations that they are full of nothing but themselves. What we need are women who are full of themselves. A women who is full of herself knows and trusts herself enough to say and do what must be done. She lets the rest burn.”

I LOVE this book, and six months later, I am only half way through reading it.

Why? I’m slowly devouring each page. Like savoring dark chocolate and a fine bottle of wine. It cannot be rushed. I want to take it in so slowly and thoroughly I can feel its truths coursing and tingling throughout my body.

You see, my taming process took a long time. Almost 44 years to be exact. I can’t just declare myself Untamed. I have to work for it. You do, too. Creating this website and blog is the beginning of my work. Letting my hair go back to its natural, wild curls is part of the work. Speaking my truth even if it makes others uncomfortable is part of the work. Taking actions that at times might make me feel uncomfortable is doing the work. I am here to do the work. Are you?

I will finish the book and continue to do the work of becoming


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