What I’ve Learned From the Pandemic

I am afraid of dying. This is one of the big lessons I have learned throughout my time at home during this pandemic. Prior to this, I had not spent a whole lot of time considering my own death. Obviously, I knew about the cycles of life, the inevitability of death, and I most likely would have said that I had accepted death as a reality. But actually, I hadn’t, and I am very much still working on that. As I’ve spent more time in the past few months looking at death and feeling, on a deep level, the loss our county and our world has suffered recently, I have come to realize the truth in the cliche’ that ultimately what I’m most afraid of is not living my life fully, not using my gifts and talents to serve others, not experiencing all that I want to experience in life. So, I have committed to doing just that.

Throughout these months of reckoning with our current reality, I knew I had gifts to share and information and practices I wanted to offer to be of service during a very challenging time for all, but quite frankly, I didn’t have the energy in me to give. I was grieving deeply. Now, I ‘m finally feeling ready to create. To be of service. To live more fully. To offer you a potential refuge and perhaps some relief. What truly lights up my soul the most is knowing that I have inspired others by sharing all sorts of things from my life that spark joy and bring peace.

So today, I’m sharing the gift of mindfulness meditation and yoga. This is a short practice I created after a long day of work sitting at a desk and my back was aching and my body was tense. I hope it serves you. Give it a try–even if it’s out of your comfort zone. Perhaps regularly getting out of our comfort zones is what we all need to do to live life a little more fully. I definitely am not all that comfortable in front of a recording camera, but I am committed to sharing and inspiring, and I am finally willing to jump in, take action, and learn and grow as I go. And, most importantly, I am committed to living life more fully. Will you join me?

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